Through 126 games, Brandon Phillips is batting .294, with 15 HR, and 71 RBIs. But the most impressive thing about Phillips this season has been his ability to move up and down the lineup for Reds Manager Dusty Baker. A quality Baker says you don’t see much according to

“They talk about our MVPs. It could be (Jay) Bruce. It could be (Aroldis) Chapman. You talk about (Todd) Frazier. But Brandon’s one of the unsung MVPs. He’s the only guy I have here who can hit all over the lineup and perform well. They’re aren’t many guys around who can do that.”

With the return of Joey Votto, Phillips will now return to the leadoff spot he held back in spring training. With Votto out with an injury, Phillips has hit at the number threeslot for the Reds.

Phillips batted .313 with 5 HR and 21 RBIs over 40 games at the three-hole.

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