Brandon Phillips and the Cincinnati Reds are geared up for a strong postseason.

After finishing the season with their best regular-season record in more than 35 years, the Reds finished at 97-65, giving them the second-best record in baseball this year. Will a strong regular season translate to an elusive World Series ring? Brandon Phillips talked about his quest for a World Series title:

“Now, it’s like Mission: Impossible. My mission is to get to the World Series and win it, and probably be World Series MVP. That’s one of my goals. That’s what I want to do, and winning it would mean that all the hard work and play, everybody saying it would never happen – because there’s a lot of good players that have never won a championship who never got a ring. The only ring they got is a wedding ring or a class ring [laughter]. But I want a World Series ring – that’s what I want, and I think it’d be pretty nice.”

Already adding to a stash of Gold Gloves, All-Star appearances and a Silver Slugger award, Phillips is playing in just his second postseason of his career. His first postseason came two years ago, when the Reds met the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2010 NLDS. The Reds were swept in that series 3-0, but not before Phillips would make his mark, batting .333 in the series. Phillips continued:

“It’d mean the world to me cause I’m playing a game that I love and I’ve finally reached the goal of every Major League Baseball player: to win a World Series ring. It would mean the world to me.”

BP and the Reds have a chance to get that much closer to a World Series title, the Reds are currently up 2-0 against the San Francisco Giants. Game 3 is set for Tuesday at 5:30pm EDT.

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