With just eight games to play, the Cincinnati Reds are in a battle for the National League’s best record.

The Reds have already clinched a playoff spot and won the NL Central on Saturday night. The Reds are now focused on fighting to the bitter end to gain the crown of NL’s best team.

Brandon Phillips believes it’s just a matter of playing the same way they have been playing all season long:

“We’re playing good baseball. A lot of people thought that we were going to struggle when Joey Votto went out but we came together and told everybody. ‘Hey lets just keep it going man. Lets see what we can really do. Lets see what were about.’ We came together, and as a team we became closer.”

According to Phillips, Votto’s unfortunate injury forced the Reds to turn a negative into a positive. To put into context how well the ball club is actually playing, the Reds have fought through adversity to win 93 games for only the 2nd time since 1975-76.

“Honestly, I think Votto going out made the team closer and it showed everybody that we are here to stay. We have a goal, and we’re just playing fundamental baseball. Pitchers are doing their job, defense has always been there, and were just getting key hits in key situations.”

The Reds continue their pursuit of NL’s best against the Brewers tonight at 7:10pm.

“I love this team man, and we’re having a good time.” Phillips said.

There’s no doubt the Reds will continue to have a good time if they can enter the postseason with the NL’s best record.

David Brickley is a contributor for datdudebp.com. You can follow him on Twitter.