Brandon Phillips, the National League’s starting second baseman, had a great time in Tuesday’s All-star game.

Brandon on Mike Trout: “I think he’s the best all-around player in baseball because he can do everything. He does the small things. He can play defense, steal bases, he has a good arm. Also, he has a Subway commercial.”

On Shin-Soo Choo: “I’m looking forward to playing with him in the World Series.”

On NL Central race in the second half: “I think it’s a fun race for MLB and the fans. The Pirates are for real. The Cardinals are always for real. I tell everybody that the Cardinals are the best team in baseball. As for the Reds, we have to play better.

And on the best thing about being at the All-Star game: “The best thing about being here is representing the city of Cincinnati and being here for the fans because they voted me in here. What else I can say. . .I look good up here.”

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