Ever since we saw this Tweet, we’ve been working to bring you some better shots of Brandon Phillips’ new 2015 Wilson A2K DATDUDE glove.  I’m thrilled to say that Wilson came through with even more than we could have asked. Below is the story of the actual process behind Phillips’ latest head-turner, and ultimately the final product—Dat Dude’s most unique and precise model to date.

If you’ve been following along the past couple of years, Phillips seems to get his new model a year ahead of time to break in before putting it into game use, so the 2014 DATDUDE, which he received last year and has been available for sale since last year, will most likely graduate to “Gamer” this year. But what about 2015?  The creative process began in the winter of 2014, and here’s how it went down.

Wilson brought Phillips into their Chicago HQ, and they started by laying out some of their best custom gloves for creative inspiration.

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