By Maggie Zahneis

Make no mistake, Opening Day in Cincinnati is no ordinary day at the ball yard.

The Reds’ place as history’s first professional baseball team merits special consideration. Over the years, that has manifested itself as a guaranteed start to the season at home.

Certainly, I think everybody that follows Major League Baseball understands the great Opening Day that the Reds have had traditionally over the years,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “It used to be the first game every year of the Major League season, which is outstanding. The parade, the support throughout the community, it’s like a regional holiday, which I think is terrific. It brings a certain amount of electricity.

“Opening Day is special for everyone, but opening the first game at home I think is even more special than opening six days into the season. I don’t know if there’s a huge advantage; there’s probably statistics that would verify that, but I do know that the city and the surrounding towns are so supportive of the Reds and the Reds Nation. I think it would be impossible not to feel that when you’re on the field.”

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