By Ashley Harter

Like any sport, baseball is a game where the type of equipment you’re using matters. If anyone knows the best equipment to use to perform most successfully at game time, it would of course be the MLB Players. While their extreme athleticism and talent seriously aids them in their game, the right equipment can make all the difference. The following items help the pros execute when it comes to game-time.

Wilson Baseball Mitts. In the past, it has been unclear about which company holds the top spot for baseball mitts. But with the introduction of the 2015 A2K and A2000 mitts, it is clear who the top dog is. Wilson has a history of making the highest end glove in order to mimic exactly what the pros are using. The Red’s second base player Brandon Phillips uses the A2K in order to improve his game. Phillips trusts in the Wilson name through his game. With the special logo featuring his initials and the multicolor design, this glove is sure to be a top seller. Even though this glove is popular between the pros, the A2000 takes an even higher top spot in the MLB. There are options to build your own A2000 glove or use one like shortstop Hanley Ramirez counts on.

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