By Joe Danneman

Brandon Phillips believes he’s still one of the best players in baseball.

The Reds second baseman played through multiple injuries last season, but is healthy this spring.

“I’m still dreaming,” said Phillips at Reds camp in Arizona. “Still chasing the dream. I still love the game, but once I stop having fun that’s when I feel like I shouldn’t be playing this game anymore, but I feel I still love the game and I’m still playing for the fans. And, the fans still love me.”

Phillips, one of the Reds most popular players, is entering his 10th season with Cincinnati. A multiple time All Star and Gold Glove winner, Phillips was left off MLB Network’s list of the top ten second basemen in baseball. Phillips shrugged it off and said he plays for the fans and not for “nerds behind computers with their statistics.”

“I feel like I’m more of an entertainer than a baseball player. I do this for the fans. I do this to just have fun and enjoy the game while I can because I’m going to be retired more than I am playing this game, so I’ve got to go out there and play the game the best way I know how. Go out there, have fun and put on a show.”

The three-time All Star said he’s not just one of the best second basemen, but feels he’s still one of the best players in baseball regardless of position.

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