By C. Trent Rosecrans

Brandon Phillips’ behind-the-back flip to Eugenio Suarez on Monday against the Cubs won the top spot on ESPN’s top plays on Monday night, but the guy who has had as good of a seat as any for most of Phillips’ numerous defensive gems thought it was just another great Phillips play, not among the pantheon of the four-time Gold Glove winner’s best plays.

“You know, that one, I don’t think it was in the top five or 10 in degrees of difficulty,” Votto said. “It was a backhand play with a behind-the-back flip, but I’ve seen some plays that most people don’t understand how difficult it is.”

Anyone who has followed the Reds since Phillips joined the team in 2006 has a favorite Brandon Phillips play. For some, it may be Monday’s game-saver.

“That throw was perfect, it was right to the bag. He saved the game,” Suarez said. “At that point, it’s hard because I couldn’t see the base before I caught the ball, because I was watching the ball. When I caught the ball, the base was right in front of me, that’s why I say that throw is perfect.”

Suarez said Phillips told him to always be ready, because the throw can come from anywhere.

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